Agendas and Minutes

2011, February 22, Board Meeting

Royalton Township Board Meeting

February 22, 2011




            February 22, 2011, Royalton Township Board meeting was called to order by chairman, Leslie Orvis, with John Kemen, Terry Lind, Wendy Tchida, and Roberta Folkestad present. The meeting opened with the pledge of allegiance.

            Motion by Leslie Orvis to add reflective signs and February 8, 2011, fire meeting to the end of the agenda and to approve the agenda, second by Terry Lind, motion carried.

            Motion by Terry Lind to approve the Clerk’s minutes as read, second by John Kemen, motion carried.

            Motion by John Kemen to approve the Treasurer’s report as read, second by Terry Lind, motion carried.

            After reading and discussing bills, motion by Terry Lind to approve and pay all bills presented, second by John Kemen, motion carried.

Old Business:

            The contract with Minnesota Licensed Building Inspector, Marshall Lind, was signed by the Town Board and witnessed, by the Town Clerk.

            The contract with Minnesota Licensed Septic Inspector, Harv Lindstrom, has been signed and returned to the Township.

            Some things have been moved around at 5300 Royal River Road.

            Two trucks have been removed from 10286 Apple Road.

            Motion by Leslie Orvis, to not take any action on the Broadband letter and resolution at this time, second by Terry Lind, motion carried.

New Business:

            After receiving a complaint about a barking dog, the sheriff’s department was contacted by the Clerk, and offered a copy of Royalton Township Code of Ordinances They called and would appreciate a copy. The Clerk will deliver a copy to them.

            The advertisement for road gravel will not be put into the newspaper until after the March Board Meeting, with bids to be received at the April Board Meeting.

            Knife River has sent the Township a credit application. The Clerk will fill it out and return it.

            The Annual Board of Appeal and Equalization Meeting is scheduled for: 9:00 am, Tuesday, April 19, 2011, at Royalton Town Hall.

            The Annual Road Inspection Meeting will be held following the Board of Appeal and Equalization Meeting, on Tuesday, April 19, 2011.

            After discussion, motion by Terry Lind to recommend the levy for the Annual Meeting at: General Fund: $115,000.00; Road and Bridge Fund: $80,000.00; with an improvement plan under the Road and Bridge Fund; Fire Fund: $24,000.00; and Town Hall Improvement Fund: to be set at a later date; second by John Kemen, motion carried.

            A list of projects completed by the Board the past year will be presented at the Annual Meeting, on March 8, 2011. Some of the things to be listed are: Building Inspector hired, land purchase, fence along Town Hall property line, and the finished Royalton Township Code of Ordinances.       

Motion by Leslie Orvis to authorize a check, for five Township Board Members, at $50.00 each, for the Annual Township Training, scheduled for Monday, March 21, 2011, in St. Cloud, second by John Kemen, motion carried.

            The Royalton Township Re-organization Meeting will be held at 6:00 pm, Tuesday, March, 29, 2011.

            After discussion, motion by Terry Lind to keep the Certificate of Deposit that is due to be renewed, at the Rural American Bank, of Pine City, in a twelve month Certificate of Deposit, to be renewed by the Treasurer, second by John Kemen, motion carried.

            Wendy Tchida will dispose of the old printer.

            Terry Lind will contact Anderson-Passe from Cambridge, about the possibility of checking Royalton Township’s roads for correct signage and placement of signs.

            There was discussion about the February 8, 2011, Fire Meeting attended by Leslie Orvis. The Pine City Fire Department apologized to Royalton Township for not contacting them about the past meetings held about the new fire hall. The next meeting of the Pine City Fire Department will be held the second Tuesday in May. There was discussion about it costing Townships too much money to have more than four meetings a year with the Pine City Fire Department.

For your information:

            The public test for the Annual Election will be held on February 26, 2011; at 1:00 pm. Absentee Voting will be held March 5, 2011 at 10:00 am. The Board of Audit will be held immediately following the February 22, 2011 meeting. No safe has been found for the checks.

            The Royalton Township Board extended a thank you to Terry Lind for serving on the Town Board the past three years.

            The Board of Audit was held. The Check Book, the Treasurer’s Book, and the Clerk’s Book, were all read and found to be in order. The 2010 Board of Audit has been completed.

            Being no further Township business; motion by Terry Lind to adjourn, second by John Kemen, motion carried. 9:54 pm, meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted:



Roberta Folkestad, Clerk  


Leslie Orvis, Chairman  


John Kemen, Supervisor 


Wayne Olson, Supervisor