Agendas and Minutes

2011, July 26, Board Meeting

Royalton Township Board Meeting

July 26, 2011



            7:30 pm, July 26, 2011, Chairman Leslie Orvis called the Royalton Township Board Meeting to order with John Kemen, Wayne Olson, Wendy Tchida and Roberta Folkestad present. The meeting was opened with the pledge of allegiance.

            Motion by Wayne Olson to approve the agenda, with the additions under new business of;  time sheet, emergency meeting concerning garbage at the corner of Elmcrest and Butterfly Roads, and culvert on Homer Road by Raymond Frye’s; second by John Kemen, motion carried.

            Motion by John Kemen to approve and sign the Clerk’s Minutes to the June 28, 2011, Board Meeting as read, second by Wayne Olson, motion carried.

            Motion by John Kemen to approve and initial the Treasurer’s Report as read, second by Wayne Olson, motion carried.

            After reading and discussing bills, motion by Wayne Olson to approve Claims 9475 through 9492 and all bills presented, second by John Kemen, motion carried.


Old business:

            Alan Teich reported that all the culverts have been installed.

            The Clerk has been receiving signed permission letters about cutting brush and trees over six inches in the Town Road rights-of-way. So far three letters and one phone call have come requesting that some or all trees not be cut. Wayne Olson received a call from Lynn Samson, representing the Harold Abrahamson property located on Homer Road, requesting no trees be cut there. He will contact her again. Doug Stanger from, 3316 Raspberry Road was present and said he will try to do the trees etc, in his road right-of-way.

Alan Teich said the road side mowing is getting close to being done.

The town hall pressure tank has been installed.

Motion by John Kemen to pass; Resolution #2011-3, Policy on Reimbursement of Deputy Town Clerk and Deputy Town Treasurer, second by Wayne Olson, motion carried. The policy was signed by all three Supervisors, and witnessed by the Clerk.

The side door on maintenance building should be installed in the next month.

Alan Teich will meet with Bjorklund Construction and Grasston Excavating to view the roads that need ditches cleaned out.

There was discussion about notice to the public informing them Royalton Township has adopted the entire Minnesota Building Code.

The Clerk will post notice of two Supervisors visiting 5300 Royal River Road, Braham sometime during the month of August.

The Royalton Township Planning Commission has recommended to the Board to send a registered letter to the property owners where a vehicle that has been parked on right-of-way for several weeks at 1231 Royal Heights Road. After discussion and viewing of photos of the vehicle take by Supervisor Leslie Orvis, motion by Leslie Orvis to send a letter stating: Royalton Township Board is requesting that you remove the vehicle from Royal Heights Lane Road right-of-way within forty-eight (48) hours of signing for this letter. If the vehicle is not removed, it will be towed away at your expense plus Township costs. Second by Wayne Olson, motion carried.

Roberta Cummings was in attendance, as requested by the Town Board. She stated that she feels her sand pit is “grandfathered in” as it has been open and active for many years. She stated that the Mankato contractor who has been hauling sand from the pit, offered to come to the meeting to explain to the Board that he would slope the banks and reapply the black dirt so as much of the land as possible will be returned to farm land. After discussion, the Board requested Mrs. Cummings contact the Clerk when the contractor comes to haul from the pit again.

            The Clerk will purchase a locking mailbox and Alan Teich will contact Pine County to request if they will install a breakaway mailbox post.

            The Clerk will check to see how the City of Rock Creek has written a Resolution for attending Township Schooling for Board Members.

            After discussion, a monetary limit to emergency road repair will not be needed.

            After discussion about Township liabilities for the public helping out in a Township emergency, Wayne Olson will call the Township Association attorneys to see how this should be handled. 


New business:

            John Kemen will check out a water-heater to replace the burned out one in the town hall.

Flushing of the well discussion has been tabled until a later date.

            The Supervisors recommended washing the moldy bathroom walls in the shop with a bleach solution and to wear proper preventative attire while doing it.

            Being the town hall basement is damp someone will install the window air-conditioner.

            The Clerk received a survey from the Office of the Legislative Auditor. There was discussion about the survey. Duane Swanson agreed to help fill it out.

            There was an emergency meeting of Leslie Orvis and Wayne Olson at the intersection of Elmcrest and Butterfly Roads about 8:35 pm, Monday, July 26, 2011, to help get a large hot-tub full of garbage out of the center of the road. Pine County Sheriff’s Department was also at the scene.

The Supervisors requested Alan Teich haul in and level off a couple of six yard loads of inch and a half rock in front of the garage slab. This will help the water from vehicle washings drain away so the area will not get so sloppy.

The Clerk will order a 15”x20’ culvert section with ends and coupler for Homer Road.

Alan Teich reported that there are only a couple of Township Roads left to gravel.

One of the batteries in the road patrol blew up Monday, so all the batteries have been replaced.

For your information:  The Treasurer stated that the maturity date for one of the Certificates of Deposit is September 3, 2011. She will check out interest rates at different banks for the August 30, 2011 Board Meeting.

Being no further Township business, motion by Wayne Olson to adjourn, second by John Kemen, motion carried. 8:58 pm, meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted:


Royalton Township Clerk,

Roberta Folkestad



Chairman: Leslie Orvis

Supervisor, John Kemen

Supervisor, Wayne Olson