Agendas and Minutes

2012, January 31, Board Minutes

Royalton Township Board Meeting

January 31, 2012



            7:30 pm, January 31, 2012, Royalton Township Board Meeting was called to order by Chairman Leslie Orvis, with John Kemen, Wayne Olson, Wendy Tchida and Roberta Folkestad present. The meeting opened with the pledge of allegiance.

            Motion by Wayne Olson to add Knutson Tree Service under new business and approve the agenda, second by John Kemen, motion carried.

            Motion by John Kemen to approve the December 13, 2011, minutes as read, second by Wayne Olson, motion carried.

            Motion by Wayne Olson to approve the Treasurer’s report as read and printed, second by John Kemen, motion carried.

            After reading and discussing claims, motion by Wayne Olson to pay claims 9559 through 9574 and payroll for a total of $20,004.08, second by John Kemen, motion carried.

Old business:

            Sergeant Kunz was not present.

            Second District Commissioner, Mitch Pangerl was present and spoke about the Pine County Township Land Use and Permitting Survey. He said that the townships could either have Pine County do the zoning or the townships could do their own. He feels that the County Attorneys and Sheriff’s Department could help with the enforcement of the township’s ordinances. He asked the supervisors to come meet with the Commissioners about the survey.

            Commissioner Pangerl also talked about chloride on the gravel roads to help with dust control and to cut down on road grading. He thought the cost was about $2,500.00 per mile applied. He asked if Royalton Township would be interested in doing a test area.

            The Board agreed that the Pine County Township Land Use and Permitting Survey should be mailed, as filled out at the January 17, 2012 meeting.

            The sign inventory and Certificates of Occupancy and Compliance will be worked on at the next working planning commission meeting.

            Future Township planning will be worked on at a later date.

             Alan Teich reported that Pine City and Braham Fire Departments will call him when the party that updates fire extinguishers is coming.

            Wayne Olson will contact Jordan Zeller about Interim permit wording. It was suggested that East Central Regional Development Commission might donate some of the cost of this.

            Alan Teich and Leslie Orvis will do some set-back and elevation measuring at the town hall before the next meeting.

            There was discussion about trade in value of the current road grader. Wayne Olson and Alan Teich met with John Deere and Caterpillar representatives. The grader is valued between $126,000.00 and $130,000.00. Wayne Olson will do some investigating on costs per year to own our road grader. The City of Rock Creek budgets $18,000.00 per year and trades up to a new road grader every five years.

            There was discussion about the status of the illegal trailer pulled in on the property ID#29.0134.000. It was suggested that if anyone sees the property owner to please contact John Kemen, Zoning Administrator. It was suggested that the sheriff’s department be called upon to accompany the Zoning Administrator.            

New business:

            There was discussion about the complaints received about the barking dogs on Raspberry Road. Chairman Leslie Orvis received an email from Deputy Carlson about this. A letter was received from Pine County Sheriff’s Department with reports from each time a deputy was called out. It was reported that Pine County Attorney, John Carlson, would not represent the township in this case. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kemen were in attendance. They have the dogs to protect their property. The dogs are contained, so they cannot leave the property. Wayne Olson will contact Ms Gaard to speak with her about her complaints.

Leslie Orvis and Wayne Olson will meet with Pine County Attorney, John Carlson in an attempt to find out where the township stands with the County Attorney in representing the township in ordinance violations. The Clerk will post notice that two supervisors will be meeting with the County Attorney.

            The Fire Contract with the City of Braham was signed and witnessed.

            Motion by Leslie Orvis to enact the 2012 Resolution Appointing an Absentee Ballot Board, second by Wayne Olson, motion carried.

            The Treasurer needs another safe to hold records from income tax and Pera. She was told to purchase one.

            The Board of Audit will meet immediately following the February 28, 2012 Board Meeting.

            Motion by Leslie Orvis to write a check for the Board to attend Township Training in St. Cloud on March 26, 2012; second by John Kemen, motion carried.

            The Treasurer’s computer is very slow. She was told to get prices for a new one.

            There was discussion about the email addresses on the website. It seems that they are not being used, so we will cut back to just one email address for the township.

            The Chairman has received a letter from Knutson Tree Service with several letters of recommendation. John Kemen will call them for a price quote.

            Being no further Township business, motion by Wayne Olson to adjourn, second by John Kemen, motion carried. 9:30 pm, meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted:

Royalton Township Clerk, Roberta Folkestad


Chairman, Leslie Orvis


Supervisor, John Kemen


Supervisor, Wayne Olson