Agendas and Minutes

2013, September 24, Planning Commission Minutes


Royalton Planning Commission Meeting

September 24, 2013




Present: Members, Duane Swanson, Nancy Dahlin Teich, Roberta Folkestad, Leslie Orvis.


Duane Swanson motioned to approve the minutes, Les Orvis seconded, all members voting aye.


Old Business:


Interim Permit - nothing on this issue since last meeting; there was no working planning commission meeting in September.


New Business:


Communication Tower – John Kemen reported that he had gotten a call from Verizon about putting a Communication tower in Royalton Township. John advised that the zoning ordinance is silent on the specifications for communication towers. Originally the company had considered Grasston Minnesota as a possible location for the tower. Discussion included information that the company was considering placing the tower in the North West corner of Royalton Township. Members reviewed the ordinance presently in place. The commission consulted page 59 of the ordinance book for guidance. A Conditional use permit is required following all the guidelines afforded a conditional use permit. With no request from the company to act on, the committee will review the ordinance book. The planning commission scheduled a working planning commission meeting for October 14 to attend to the matter of the conditional use permit; Considering also in this matter pages 12 and 13 of the Ordinance.


Additional discussion around permitting requirements for grain bins. John Kemen relayed a few scenarios over the years of persons asking for grain bin construction permitting. There has been previous inconsistency in response to the need for permits. There was agreement that commission and building permitting needed to be responding the same way when considering requests for permits required.


Tower installation will require public notice and associated public meeting. John Kemen will be attending the October 14 planning commission meeting. Additionally the commission will address permitting of structures and sizes requiring permits. This resultant of inquiries around requirements for grain bin installation. Concurrence ensured that past practice is not a basis for today’s decisions and commission will make recommendations to the board the October meeting of the township.


Les Orvis motioned to adjourn the meeting, Roberta Folkestad seconded. All present voting Aye. Meeting adjourned.


Nancy Dahlin Teich, Recorder


Duane Swanson


Leslie Orvis


Roberta Folkestad