Agendas and Minutes

2013, November 26, Board Minutes


Royalton Township Board Meeting

November 26, 2013


7:30 pm, November 26, 2013, Chair Wayne Olson called the Royalton Township Board Meeting to order with Supervisor Leslie Orvis, Supervisor Marshall Pearson, Treasurer Wendy Tchida, and Clerk Roberta Folkestad present. The pledge of allegiance was recited.

Motion by Supervisor Pearson to add final inspections to the agenda and to approve the agenda, second by Supervisor Orvis, motion carried unanimously. 

Motion by Supervisor Pearson to approve the October 29, 2013, meeting minutes as submitted, second by Supervisor Orvis, motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Supervisor Pearson to approve the Treasurer’s report as read, second by Chair Olson, motion carried unanimously.

After reading and discussing claims and payroll, motion by Supervisor Orvis to pay checks 6950 through 6991, in the amount of $95,348.34, second by Supervisor Pearson, motion carried unanimously.

Public forum:
No one spoke.

Old business:

Supervisor Pearson gave a new town hall up-date. The work should be done next week; they are waiting for the light fixtures; the safes will be moved into the storage area before the carpet is installed; the well went about sixty-five feet deeper than estimated; putting vinyl base in storage area was discussed and agreed upon; temporary handicapped parking signs will be put up; and the extra keys turned in will be kept by Supervisor Pearson.

Supervisor Orvis has received requests for information about renting the town hall. He suggested someone will be needed to vacuum and clean the bathrooms; the building committee create a policy, such as not posting notices or posters on walls, etc. for care of the inside of the building to keep it nice and to have it all written on paper before the hall is rented out.

Avis Pangerl offered to loan a copy of the rental agreement from the City of Rock Creek to the building committee for an example to work from. 

Jeff Schlaeger told that a large area of carpet was flooded as a result of plugged toilets that ran over during a rental at the City of Rock Creek.

There is nothing new on Royal Heights Lane at this time.

There is nothing new to report on the lived in garage on the Jones property, but Zoning Administrator John Kemen will do a follow up this month.

Chair Olson reported that Attorney Laurette Arnold will be meeting with the courts in Pine County on December 10, 2013, about the charges Royalton Township has against the Schuett property.

Timber Drive discussion has been tabled until the December meeting.

Supervisor Orvis reported that the estimate for signs directing to the town hall is $800.00. After discussion motion by Supervisor Orvis to have the signs made and installed. To use eye catching colors on the one by Highway 70 and colors matched to the town hall building’s colors on the one located at the town hall. A lifetime $100.00 contract will be discussed with Leo 

McKenzie. The one located north of State Highway 70 could possibly be installed next week if the frost isn’t too deep. Motion second by Supervisor Pearson, motion carried unanimously.

The water piping in the maintenance building will be done after the office equipment has been moved into the new town hall building.

There will an estimate for blocking up the front end of the dump truck at the December meeting.

New business:

After discussion, motion by Chair Olson to hold the Annual Town Election from noon until 8:00 pm, on March 11, 2014, here at the Royalton Town Hall, second by Supervisor Pearson, motion carried unanimously.

There will be a decision made at the December meeting on purchasing township voting booths in the price range of $1,200.00 to $2,000.00.

The township received a nice thank you letter from Braham Schools concerning the use of the "vote here" sign loaned to them for the school election.

There was discussion about someone doing community service for the township. All three supervisors agreed not to use anyone at this time.

The next town board meeting will be held at 7:30 pm, December 10, 2013.

Final inspection process was discussed. People moving into a home before the final inspection has been done prompted this discussion. It was deemed to be the Minnesota Licensed Building Inspectors decision on any matters concerning final inspections. Supervisor Pearson will chat with Building Inspector Marshall Lind about this when he inspects the new town hall.

Being no further town business, motion by Supervisor Pearson to adjourn, second by Supervisor Orvis, motion passed unanimously, 8:22 pm meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted:

Roberta Folkestad, Royalton Township Clerk

Chair, Wayne Olson

Supervisor, Leslie Orvis

Supervisor, Marshall Pearson