Agendas and Minutes

2014, January 14, Working Planning Commission Meeting

Royalton Township Planning Commission Working Meeting

January 14, 2014


7:00 pm, January 14th the Royalton Township Planning Commission met for a working meeting with Leslie Orvis, Duane Swanson, Nancy Dahlin Teich, Marsh Pearson, Alan Teich and Roberta Folkestad present.

Rental applications from Rock Creek, Fish Lake and the Township association were shared.

There was much discussion about rent charges and deposits. 

More consult with township association on the following issues:  Allowing use of Alcohol, what needs to be in place for alcohol use, IF allowed.  Under what circumstances will renter be asked to provide proof of insurance.  What is the language for prohibiting guns, ask township association for statute cite.  Under what circumstances should the renter be required to purchase security for the event.

Conversation ensued regarding whether the township intent is to incent use of the town hall. What is the intent of the township pertaining to use of the facility for matters other than town business; Also discussed the possibility of a future need for more specific staffed hours at the town hall; if the business needs of the hall warrant a more specific staffing routine; Will valuate as the new town hall is operational.       

Township Association Township hall rental property was reviewed with the following remarks and suggested revisions.

Hours of rental – allow for clean up time within the time span of the rental. Town clerk will manage the flow of the rental event and clean up.  In the case of rental events occurring one day after the other the clerk will manage the times of the renter’s events so clean up time is inclusive in the time span of the event.

Failure to pay for the rental agreement before the event will result in the renter not being given a key to access the building.  A rental application made without submission of funds will not reserve the town hall for the applicants use.

Agreed will evaluate the use of the town hall at six months, or minimally at the time the town board sets rates and fees on an annual basis. 

Clerk needs authority to return damage deposit funds. Twenty one days available for return of funds. Discussion ensued regarding business processes for management of the damage deposit.

Recommend starting building use with the following charges:  $50.00 for township residents to rent facility; $100.00 for non – township residents; damage deposit $200.00, for resident and non-resident. 

Add statement” No decorations hung from any permanent part of the building.” 

“No liquor, wine or beer shall be permitted on the town’s property.”

“No smoking of any type of cigarette, including e-cigs, in the town hall.”

“No pets allowed with the exception of service animals in the building.” 

Meeting concluded 9:10 p.m.

Member, NKDahlinTeich

Chair, Leslie Orvis

Member, Duane Swanson

Member, Roberta Folkestad