Agendas and Minutes

2014, January 28, Board Minutes


Royalton Township Board Meeting

January 28, 2014


7:10 pm, January 28, 20014, Chair Wayne Olson called the Royalton Township Board Meeting to Order, with Supervisor Leslie Orvis, Supervisor Marshall Pearson, Treasurer Wendy Tchida, and Clerk Roberta Folkestad present. The pledge of allegiance was recited.

AED cabinet, accidents, township formalities, and mural were added to the agenda under new business. Motion to approve the agenda with the additions by Supervisor Orvis, second by Chair Olson, motion carried unanimously.

After discussion, motion by Supervisor Orvis to approve and sign the December 10, 2013, board meeting minutes, second by Chair Olson, motion carried unanimously.

Deputy Treasurer Roxanne Orvis read the treasurer’s report. Motion to approve as read by Supervisor Pearson, second by Chair Olson, motion carried unanimously.

After reading and discussing payroll and claims, motion by Supervisor Pearson to approve and pay checks 7022 through 7085 in the amount of $78,468.89, with check 7080 voided, second by Supervisor Orvis, motion carried unanimously.

Public forum was offered to the public, but no one wished to speak.

Old business:

There is nothing new to report on Royal Heights Lane, so it will be taken off the agenda.

Zoning Administrator John Kemen reported there is nothing new on the lived in garage on the Jones property. He will continue to monitor the property.

Royalton Township was awarded $5,165.81 in the judgment against PID # 29.0134.000. Attorney Laurette Arnold will file this with Pine County Auditor.

There is nothing new about Timber Drive.

The work on the front end of the dump truck has been done and corrected the problem.

The water piping in the maintenance building will be done on January 29, 2014.

The maintenance building has the furnace from the old town hall installed. The installer will return at a later date and extend the duct work toward the center of the building to make the heat distribute evenly.

The rubber on the maintenance building bi-fold door will possibly be installed the first week of February.

There was discussion about the value of the new town hall building and also the contents. The clerk was requested to contact MATIT for cost differences between $250,000.00 and $300,000.00; and does the township have policy index due to inflation.

The panic locks for the inside double doors have been installed.

The splash guard for the mop drain will be installed soon.

The round table for the office was shipped today. The new chairs are in the office.

The new phone system is installed and works great.

The voting booths have arrived and two have been set up for inspection.

Chair Olson will meet with Travis Kemen to discuss the computer for the clerk’s office.

A thank you letter was sent to Bob Mallet for all the things for the hall.

New business:

Motion by Supervisor Orvis to approve the contract with the Braham Fired Department in the amount of $8,094.85, second by Chair Olson, motion carried unanimously. The contract was signed by the Chair.

Pine County has approved a 31.35 acres minor subdivision for PID # 29.30039.000. There was discussion about having the planning commission work on the code of ordinances lack of the need for board approval of minor subdivisions.

The Township short course training will be held March 25th at St. Cloud and April 4th at Carlton.

The township’s annual board of audit will be held at the end of the February 25, 2014 board meeting.

Chair Olson will have a price for an AED wall cabinet for the February meeting.

While Alan Teich was headed to town to purchase parts for the township, he was involved in an accident with his vehicle and another vehicle.

The light pole on the town property has been broken. The electric company will be called in the spring for replacement.

There was discussion about township formalities. The kitchen counter was not cleaned after use. The kitchen and all of the town hall should be kept very clean and neat at all times.

Supervisor Orvis has been checking vacuum cleaner prices. One is priced at about $700.00. He will have more prices for the February meeting.

There was discussion about items on the office wish list. It will be thought about.

Supervisor Pearson has priced water softeners. Sears will install one for about $600.00; the plumber suggested one from $1,100.00 to $1,200.00; motion by Chair Olson for Supervisor Pearson to handle purchase and installation of a water softener, second by Supervisor Orvis, motion carried unanimously.

There are building supplies and town hall things still stored in the maintenance building. There was discussion about getting it all cleared out.

Quotes were received from two cleaning companies to clean the town hall. This is just FYI and will be on the February agenda.

A lock box over the thermostat in the mail hall was discussed. Zoning Administrator Kemen will look into finding one.

Supervisor Pearson has looked into getting a mural painted on the side of the maintenance building. There is a grant available that would pay for the paint. He will try to have photos of other work done for the February meeting.

There was discussion about driveway snowplowing this winter with the excessive snow and drifting that has occurred. There have been two medical difficulties where the driveways were plowed by the township. There will be more discussion about the snowplowing policy at a future date.

The next town board meeting will be held at 7:30 pm, Tuesday, February 25, 2014.

Being no further town business, motion by Supervisor Pearson to adjourn, second by Chair Olson, motion carried unanimously. 9:10 pm, meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted:

Clerk, Roberta Folkestad

Chair, Wayne Olson

Supervisor, Leslie Orvis

Supervisor, Marshall Pearson