2014, July 22, Working Planning Commission Minutes

Working Planning Commission meeting – Royalton Township    7-22-14 Unapproved

Present:   Les Orvis, Duane Swanson, Roberta Folkestad, Nancy Dahlin Teich, Gary Valvoda,  guest Alan Teich

  1.  Permitting – Interim/Conditional Use
    1. Reviewed township ordinance concerning conditional use permitting.   Committee had for its’ consideration a conditional use permit request for a business.  In consideration of  the conditional use permit request in front of the committee the following actions are decided by the committee :
      1. Conditional use permit as requested by James T. shall be referred to the township board.

      2. Advise that Wayne Olson, Township Supervisor be requested to research the questions with legal consult pertaining to this conditional use permit, given the current ordinance is silent on this point.

        1. Can a conditional use permit be obtained by a party that is not the titled owner of the property for which the conditional use permit is sought?

  1. Recommend that John Kemen, Zoning Administrator become engaged in the conditional use permit as requested by James T. , and that the Zoning Administrator be present at the Township Board meeting of July 29, 2014.  The committee advises that the Zoning Administrator attend to minimally to the following matters :
        1. Review proposed layout of business property in consideration of parking and traffic flow.

        2. Determine whether handicap accessibility of facilities is required.

        3. Consider capacity of building, including estimation of number of parking spots required for the business as proposed. Total capacity of proposed business. 

        4.  Traffic considerations over all.

        5. Requirements for sewer system for this type of business.

        6. Address whether a conditional use permit can be issued in a flood plain and should this be a county issued conditional use permit?  Notably the applicant was advised by County to come to township for this request.

        7. Consider what setbacks are required for parking lot as proposed relating to flood plain that exists on the property.

        8. Is there a need for a building permit tied to the conditional use application under consideration?

        9. How does the applicant propose to handle waste products resultant of the winery events, or wine making process?

        10. Sound and sight matters associated with the conditional use permit under consideration?

        11. Proposed hours of operation, specify.

    1. Township Clerk will identify landowners who may have interest in the conditional use permit for notification per zoning ordinance.  Consensus was the measurement would be from the point at which the driveway meets Canary Road.  
    2. Landowner notification paperwork will be prepared but NOT sent out until a date of hearing is established by the Zoning Administrator. Consulting the ordinance presently in place, page 29, Section 6, sub. 1 b., noticing should go to residents within one mile of proposed permitted site.   Committee affirmed that a mailing will be affected to landowners by the township clerk.   
  1. On other matters, an inquiry has been made concerning possible mining of sand from three possible land owners in the township.   Those landowners must adhere to zoning ordinance on page 25, section 14, subdivision 1.   Township clerk delivered a conditional use permit application to one of the potential identified landowners for the mining operation.  Some question about whether the county can enact eminent domain in this situation.   Les Orvis advised that interested parties should appear at the next available meeting of the township supervisors scheduled for July 29, 2014.  Consensus was that zoning ordinance process must be followed should this request come to fruition. The town road that would be affected by this potential request would be Hummingbird.  If there is a September 2014 target date for this project the requestor(s) must come forward now.  

Additional discussion ensued on miscellaneous matters.  Meeting adjourned 8:45 p.m.



Nancy Dahlin Teich, Member

Leslie Orvis, Chair

Duane Swanson, Member

Gary Valvoda, Member

Roberta Folkestad, Member