Agendas and Minutes

January 26, 2016 Planning Commission Minutes

Royalton Township Planning Commission Meeting

January 26, 2016



Present:   Gary Valvoda, Duane Swanson, Les Orvis, Nancy Dahlin Teich, and Roberta Folkestad.


Being no additions were identified to the agenda, Duane Swanson moved to approve the agenda,   Gary Valvoda seconded, all motioned aye.


Gary Valvoda read the Planning Commission Minutes of December 15, 2015.  Clarification was made as to the condition of excess vehicles on a given property.   Nancy Dahlin Teich moved to approve with corrections made, Roberta Folkestad seconded, all moved aye.


Gary Valvoda read the working Planning Commission minutes of January 5, 2016.  Roberta Folkestad moved to approve, Duane Swanson seconded, all moved aye. 


Old Business


  1. Signage 

Committee discussion was length of 60 day rule.  The miscellaneous discussion included that in keeping with the rule the committee needs to decide the resolution of the variance request by March 13, 2016.  Conversation continued committee then discussed that the zoning ordinance is clear in specifications relating to signage. Letter issued to the business under consideration was read.    Group then concurred that the ordinance presently serves the community of Royalton Township as written.  

      2. Multiple vehicles on Greely Road - John Kemen reports this matter is resolved.

      3. Sign along State Hwy 70 – Received January 22, 2016.  This request will be reviewed at the               next working planning commission meeting.  This request must be resolved within 60 days.               Working Meeting will occur February 2, 2016. 

      4. Agreement for Building Inspector Marshall Lind.  No contact made with Marshall Lind.  No                   information to report at this time.


New Business


  1. Variance Application for Northern Hollow Winery (Received 1-13-16)


Duane Swanson made a motion to deny the variance pertaining to North Hollow Winery signage seconded by Gary Valvoda.  The Commission discussed the history of the permitting process with the business.  The Commission also discussed the town ordinance and whether it served the township.   The Commission also discussed the remedies available to the business owner.  While it is the option of the applicant to appeal the decision of the Planning Commission and the Township board, an appeal does not ensure the outcome for the applicant will be any different than before the appeal and prior decisions of the governing body. It is the opinion of all members of the Planning Commission that the ordinance serves the township regarding signage ordinance. The Commission noted that the present ordinance was intentionally structured to support the rural agricultural status of the township. The Commission noted that the township had been responsive to this business by establishing a hearing of the request for permit to operate, meeting the needs of the business for starting operations within a timeline needed by the business, Northern Hollow Winery. The Commission also affirmed that the business owner was knowledgeable about township ordinance related to signage before the business decision to install signage contrary to established ordinance. The Commission then decided prior recommendations and decisions related to signage ordinance be affirmed, with all members voting aye to deny the appeal request for additional signage beyond established ordinance at Northern Hollow Winery. All motioned aye.


  1. Conditional Use application for Kyle Towle, 10709 Apple Road.  Scheduled to be reviewed at working planning commission meeting of February 2, 2016. 


  1. Date of next working Planning Commission meeting.  Being cognizant of the need to meet in timely fashion to address the Conditional Use application for Kyle Towle, this meeting is set for February 2, 2016, at 6:30 p.m. at the Royalton town hall.


Roberta Folkestad moved to adjourn the meeting with Gary Valvoda seconded, all motioned aye. 

Recorder Nancy Dahlin Teich

Roberta Folkestad

Duane Swanson

Gary Valvoda

Leslie Orvis