Agendas and Minutes

February 19, 2016 Working Planning Commission Minutes

Working Planning Commission

February 19, 2016

6:30 pm to 7:59 pm


Attending; Les Orvis, Gary Valvoda, Wayne Olson, and Duane Swanson 

Discussion: Conditional Use Permit for Kyle Towle

Discussed two sections: Validity of submitted application, 60 day rule and conditions as follows: 


  1. No commercial sales
  2. No parking within _____ feet of highway 70.
  3. 10 vehicle limit.
  4. 11 to 20 vehicle maximum but within confines of a fence. What kind? State standard?
  5. Only allowance for repair and not sales.
  6. Follow all Federal, State of Minnesota, and local environmental rules and regulations.
  7. No parking on Apple Road.
  8. Interim permit?
  9. Sign must not be more than 15 square feet for on premises only.


  1. No additional lights.
  2. Number of cars?
  3. Waste plan.
  4. Additional parking plan.
  5. No ________ sales. (Commercial or Car dealer or, find proper verbiage?)
  6. Complete business enterprise within (XX) feet of existing shed.  Find number discuss.
  7. Interim use expires on Business owner change.
  8. Example: Kyle ceases to retain business. Ownership change, sale etc.
  9. Termination of Business.

10. Township Reserves the right for periodic review of premises 1X per year unless a complaint has been filed in writing against business.


Submitted by:

 Supervisor Wayne Olson

Typed by Clerk Roberta Folkestad