Agendas and Minutes

March 29, 2016 Planning Commission Minutes

March 29, 2016, Royalton Township Planning Commission Meeting


Present:  Les Orvis, Duane Swanson, Roberta Folkestad, Gary Valvoda, and Nancy Dahlin Teich

Meeting called to order at 7 :00 p.m.

Additions to agenda, none were identified.  Duane Swanson moved to approve agenda as presented, Gary Valvoda seconded, all motioned aye.

Gary Valvoda read the planning commission minutes of February 23, 2016. No revisions or changes identified, Nancy Dahlin Teich moved to approve with Duane Swanson offering the second, all motioned aye.

Gary Valvoda read the working planning commission minutes for the meeting dated March 22, 2016.  With minor changes to these minutes, those being clarifying there is request for “two” houses on one property.   Roberta Folkestad moved to approve with correction as identified,   Duane Swanson seconded.  All motioned aye.

Roberta Folkestad moved to pass the Interim Use permit request for Kyle Towle, MSH, to the township board for a public hearing.   Duane Swanson seconded, all motioned aye.

Brief discussion pertaining to two homes on one property.  There is not an application for the planning commission or the board to presently act on.

Les Orvis identified coming from the annual meeting of the township the topic of land splits relating to lot size.  Les Orvis motioned to move to the township board:  “ask whether the board wants the planning commission to reconsider ten acre parcels as outlined in the zoning ordinance presently in effect.”   Gary Valvoda seconded, Duane Swanson motioned nay, with the balance of the commission members motioning aye.

There is not a working planning commission meeting established for April 2016. 

Being no further business Gary Valvoda motioned to adjourn, Roberta Folkestad seconded, all motioned aye. 

Recorder   Nancy Dahlin Teich

Les Orvis

Roberta Folkestad

Duane Swanson

Gary Valvoda