Agendas and Minutes

March 22, 2016 Working Planning Commission Minutes

March 22, 2016
Working Planning Commission Minutes

Present:   Jeff Schlaeger, Duane Swanson, Les Orvis, Wayne Olson, Nancy Dahlin Teich, Marshall Pearson, Gary  Valvoda and John Kemen

Guest:  Kyle Towle


  1.  Review of Interim Use permit of Kyle Towle.  Discussion ensued regarding the size of the sign for the business.  The applicant has set up a 4x8 sign for his business, on his premises.  The sign is established already and is unlit.    The discussion was whether the size of 4x8 sign was acceptable.  Group consensus was that 4x8 would be acceptable for purposes of the sign and the permit request.    It was recognized that it was possible that 4x8 may be the new standard for persons making application for business signage.   Wayne Olson reviewed previous working committee minutes pertaining to this applicant.  Committee reviewed the following additional points for the interim permit.
  2. Miscellaneous
    1. Vehicles outside of the business,  ten
    2. If the amount exceeds ten vehicles, the vehicles beyond ten must be hidden from sight by fencing.  The total amount of additional vehicles inside the fence are not to exceed ten.   
    3. Owner will not have over 20 vehicles outside of the building/shop, on the property.
    4. The interim permit expires upon change of ownership of the property and/or business. 
    5. The township reserves the right for periodic review of the business one time per year, unless there has been a complaint directed to the township pertaining to the business.  Complaints must be received in writing by the township to be considered as a complaint.
    6. Business will follow the operational hours as outlined in ordinance 001-2010, pertaining to noise and nuisance, and all its rules to apply.
    7. Business sign is to remain unlit.
    8. No business parking on Apple Road.
    9. Business will follow all Federal, State of Minnesota and local environmental rules and regulations.
    10. Parking –
      1. One vehicle allowed to be displayed on the north side of the building.  It is recognized this vehicle may be a vehicle for sale by the business owner.
      2. There are no commercial auto sales at this site, except in the case that there may be a vehicle the owner has acquired through the course of his business, which he desires to sell. (See Miscellaneous, a.b.c.)
      3. Public Hearing requirement
        1. Submitted date of Interim Use permit to the township planning commission is 3-22-16, for Kyle Towle, MSH. 
        2. The Planning Commission will review the application one more time at the April 2016 meeting of the township board. 
        3. The township will conduct a public meeting of this Interim Use permit application at the April 2016 meeting of the township. 
        4. The Interim Use permit will become effective after the public hearing and upon approval of the township board.

Additional business of the working planning commission.

  1. Request for two houses on one property.  Les had received a call from person wanting an answer to having two houses put on one property.  Discussion ensued in the committee.   Les Orvis did not give the caller an answer.  The lot is 2.39 acres in size.   There is a septic system on site but not suitable for two dwellings.   The owner desires to use the property for two rentals.  The address under discussion is 1390 Sherwood street ,  Royalton township.   Township Ordinance talks about lot sizes, septic regulations and under what circumstances a second home may be on one tract of land.   The commission believes there is not an application on this issue received by the township to date.  This was a brief discussion item only. 



Member Nancy Dahlin Teich

Chair/Member Leslie Orvis

Member Duane Swanson

Member Gary Valvoda

Member Roberta Folkestad