Agendas and Minutes

May 31, 2106 Planning Commission Minutes

Royalton Township Planning Commission Meeting
May 31, 2016

Present:   Les Orvis Chair,  Duane Swanson, Roberta Folkestad, Gary Valvoda, Nancy Dahlin Teich

Chair Orvis called for additions to the agenda.   Nancy Dahlin Teich requested that two items be added to the agenda:  1.) resignation, 2.) township garbage disposal, agenda was accepted with those changes.

Gary Valvoda read the planning commission meeting minutes of April 26, 2016, it was noted that Kyle Towle last name was spelled incorrectly, with name change for Mr. Towle, versus Towel,   Duane Swanson moved to approve, Leslie Orvis seconded,   all motioned aye.

Gary Valvoda read the public hearing minutes from the Kyle Towle public hearing notation was made that the 2016 date needed to be corrected otherwise all minutes were correct.   Duane Swanson moved to approve, Roberta Folkestad seconded, all motioned aye.

Old Business:

Duane Swanson noted that while it was not on the agenda, the commission and township should make note of growing garbage collection at the church lot on state highway 70.

New Business:

1.   Property split/sale: Township residents Dave and Bev Mattson were present. They presented information concerning the sale of their farm. The buyer was also present. Mr. Mattson indicated that he was selling his farm to two separate parties. The planning commission advised that a minor subdivision process was required. The surveyor was being scheduled.  John Kemen advised that the property needed to be legally recorded, and that the easement the parties desired needed to be recorded at the courthouse. No landlocked properties are to be created in the township as land splits and sales occur. Thus the proper care and recording of the easement, and surveying of properties in question is essential. The farm is being sold to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hagfors, and Scott Lucht. The planning commission indicated that in addition to a proper legal survey for the Minor subdivision the commission on behalf of the township will be paying attention to road frontage.   There were a few questions from those present as to what the size of land splits are to be in Royalton Township.  The seller was advised to keep in touch with John Kemen the zoning administrator on this land matter for township zoning guidance.

2.     Sound boards on town hall walls. Roberta Folkestad advised that the rental agreement should be reviewed for clarity that the sound boards in the town hall great room are not to be used as peg boards. Roberta Folkestad will add the language on the rental agreement forreview at next meeting. The interest is that the sound boards stay in good condition and not be used for other than their installed function.

3.    Next working planning commission meeting is June 21, 2016 at the Royalton town hall.

4.    Garbage Disposal – Nancy Dahlin Teich offered that the issue of garbage in the township is a growing concern.  The amount of garbage in the township is growing in the form of ditch trash, consisting of a number of items, i.e. microwaves, tires, refrigerators, and any matter of items deposited by the public. Discussion was that the township through its' town board begin a plan as to how to handle trash. The current methodology is for garbage to be picked up by maintenance personnel, and disposal costs of this trash fronted by maintenance staff before reimbursement by the township.   Trash volume is too great for this to be an effective or realistic means of garbage disposal. Members were encouraged to consider other township and municipalities methods for garbage disposal i.e. some municipalities conduct trash collection days,  or have other methods for large trash disposal,  or own equipment to support trash collection and removal.   Recommend discussion and planning for township garbage disposal. Motion by Les Orvis, seconded by Roberta Folkestad to move to the township board the matter of garbage disposal in the township; all motioned aye.  Motion passed.


Nancy Dahlin Teich tendered her resignation to the Planning Commission effective June 1, 2016.  She thanked the planning commission for their work together and the opportunity to serve the township of Royalton.  Ms. Teich encouraged Royalton township residents to participate in Royalton Township as a Planning Commission member.  Resignation accepted and moved to the township board for action.

Nancy Dahlin Teich motioned to adjourn; Duane Swanson offered a
second, all motioned aye.

Meeting adjourned, 6:45 p.m.

Nancy Dahlin Teich   - Recorder

Les Orvis Chair

Roberta Folkestad

Gary Valvoda

Duane Swanson