Agendas and Minutes

June 21, 2016 Working Planning Commission Meeting

Royalton Township Working Planning Commission Meeting

6052 Royalton Road, Braham MN 55006

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June 21, 2016



6:30 pm, June 21, 2016, the Royalton Township Planning Commission met for a working meeting with Members Duane Swanson, Gary Valvoda, Leslie Orvis, & Roberta Folkestad present. Also present were Royalton Township Supervisors Wayne Olson, Marshall Pearson, and Jeff Schlaeger.


Job description copies were shared from a road grader/snow plow operator job posting. After discussion; these requirements and duties are suggested by the planning commission:


Required: current medical examiners certificate with current copy provided to township and state; each time renewed

Required: Commercial Class B – CDL State license with current copy provided to township; each time renewed

Required: State Department of Transportation driving record; each time license is renewed


Job description:

Hours depend upon road conditions, with a maximum of 40 hours per week unless directed by Road Supervisor

Operate road grader – grading town roads & snow plowing

Operate dump truck – snow plowing and road repair

Directing gravel application on town roads

Maintain road grader and truck at all times

A Supervisor must be notified when fuel needs to be ordered

Record all fuel incoming and outgoing amounts 

Keep records of all work done to all equipment; such as grease jobs and oil changes

Equipment must be kept clean inside and outside

Mow road sides and maintain and clean tractor and mower - replace blades as needed

Brush and tree removal from road right of ways is allowed only after permission from a Supervisor

Storm damage clean up as needed and/or directed by Supervisor

Shop must be kept clean and neat

Remove snow from around township buildings

Occasional maintenance to township buildings and grounds

Purchase materials under $200.00.

Purchase of materials over $200.00 permission from a Supervisor is required

Any township duties as directed by a Supervisor

Nancy Dahlin Teich and Alan Teich arrived at this point in the meeting, and Maintenance/Road Grader/ Operator Alan Teich handed in his resignation.

There was discussion about a maintenance person for changing light bulbs, paint touch up, water softener salt replacement and minor maintenance around the town hall.


Lawn mowing was discussed. Hiring a lawn service and the cost savings of not maintaining a mower, eventually replacing a mower, were discussed due to about twenty three hours spent on working on the mower last year.


The township hall rental agreement was discussed due to new sound panels being installed. They look much like posting boards. This was suggested as being added to the agreement: “Nothing may be fixed or hung from sound boards, walls, fans, speakers etc.


There was discussion that a Royalton township resident came to Supervisor Pearson’s home and was upset and talked his wife Trice in his absence. The citizen stated that Zoning Administrator Kemen had told him to go to Supervisor Pearson to complain about getting a building permit when he had a two or three year old one from Pine County.


There was also discussion that Pine County Zoning perhaps needs to be reminded that all property owners in Royalton Township need building permits issued by State of Minnesota Licensed Building Inspector Marshall Lind.


Maple Shores Drive dust control and speed limits were discussed. If dust control was to be applied, the applicator would need to be licensed and bonded, would the township allow dust control on township roads, who would be responsible for payment to have it done, will other township road residents want this done too, were some of the issues discussed.


8:45 pm, meeting closed


Respectfully submitted:


Member Roberta Folkestad


Member Duane Swanson


Member Gary Valvoda


Chair Leslie Orvis