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October 9, 2018 Working Planning Comm Minutes

Royalton Township Working Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
6052 Royalton Road, Braham, MN 55006
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9 October 2018


6:32 p.m., 9 October 2018, Chair Leslie Orvis convened the Royalton Township working planning commission meeting with members Jeff Schlaeger, Priscilla Schneider, Duane Swanson, and Gary Valvoda present.  Also present was Supervisor Wayne Olson.  Approximately six public members also were present.


Chair Orvis began the meeting by referencing two reports, one by County Assessor Kelly Schroeder regarding valuations of properties adjacent to gravel pits and a second by Kris Larson of Pine County Soil and Water Conservation District regarding the potential impact on wells adjacent to gravel pits.  Clerk Swanson noted that copies of both reports will become part of the Wayde Lerbs interim use permit file.


Chair Orvis then explained that the commission needed to prepare findings of fact preparatory to a recommendation to, and decision by, the board.  Clerk Swanson read line by line a draft statement of findings, explaining that the items in the draft findings follow the instructions for interim/conditional use review as outlined in Royalton's zoning ordinance; commission members commented on potential additions, especially to the restrictions statements.  Discussion occurred on the desirability of adding restrictions on specific hours or days of operation.  It appeared to be a consensus of the commission to add a restriction statement that Sunday hours would occur only in an emergency but that other hours of operation would stay as outlined in the ordinance.  Clerk Swanson noted that he would update the draft as discussed and have it available for review, amendment, and finalization at the next regular commission meeting.


Mr. Fred Huff reported on the current difficulties, after a nine year period, of a gravel pit in Washington County that is now overflowing with effluent going into the St. Croix River.  Members discussed this event, noting that the Washington County situation was different from that currently before the commission largely because of the difference in geology and topography.  An extensive discussion on drainage systems followed, with Mr. Dick Doenz noting that mining would begin from the west and head east creating a natural berm that would prevent drainage to the east and toward existing residences.  When discussion on the Lerbs' permit concluded, audience members departed.


Chair Orvis then asked for discussion of the possible sale of some of Dan Erhart's property adjacent to the Maple Shores development.  Member Schneider noted that County Assessor Kelly Schroeder had verified that the parcel was outside the Maple Shores development.  Discussion occurred on possible options were the parcel to be sold as two separate parcels, one of which would be less than ten acres.  If the smaller parcel were approved, would it be declared not buildable?  Would a storage shed, without water or sewer, be able to be constructed on the parcel?  Members will await word from Zoning Administrator John Kemen offering his opinion.  Member Valvoda offered to talk with Pine County about the definition of buildable sites in relation to this issue.  Commission members also discussed the possible precedent-


setting nature of this question and its relationship to other "hardship" cases where less than ten acre parcels have been approved.


Chair Orvis noted that discussion of the levy would be deferred until a future meeting.

Clerk Swanson noted that no further information on a fireproof file cabinet has been gathered.


At 8:10 p.m., the meeting concluded.


Respectfully submitted:

Duane P. Swanson, Clerk/Member

Leslie Orvis, Chair/Member 

Jeff Schlaeger, Member

Priscilla Schneider. Member 

Gary Valvoda, Member