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November 20, 2018 Working Planning Minutes

Royalton Township Working Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
6052 Royalton Road, Braham, MN 55006
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20 November 2018


6:35 p.m., 20 November 2018, Chair Leslie Orvis convened the Royalton Township working planning commission meeting with members Jeff Schlaeger, Priscilla Schneider, Duane Swanson, and Gary Valvoda present.  Also present were Supervisor Wayne Olson, Zoning Administrator John Kemen, Paul Wilkens and Norman Klocke.


Chair Orvis delineated the issues surrounding the possible subdivision of an 18-acre parcel (in one PID) near the Maple Shores subdivision that was bisected by Maple Shores Drive.  Two individuals had expressed interest in purchasing segments of this parcel, if it could be subdivided.  Such a subdivision would render at least one parcel less than ten acres, the minimum for compliance with Royalton's zoning ordinance.  An extensive discussion occurred about whether or not this subdivision could be termed a "hardship", which is only minimally defined in the ordinance.  Final determination of a hardship would be made by the town board.  Discussion also occurred on the possibility of joining one parcel with a remote (disconnected), but nearby, parcel owned by the same individual.  Could such a remote parcel be joined into one PID with one of these proposed subdivided parcels?


The commission also discussed the possibility of granting a variance to the minimum acreage, as has been done only a few times in the past.  Some of those cases were reviewed and their relevancy to the current situation evaluated without clear consensus.  The zoning ordinance gives the power to grant variances to the town board, which may or may not require a public hearing to accept public input.


Member Valvoda volunteered to talk with County Assessor Kelly Schroeder to determine if two remote parcels can be combined into one PID to satisfy the ten acre minimum and report back to the commission.  At this point Mr. Wilkens and Mr. Klocke departed the meeting.


Chair Orvis called for discussion about a township clean-up day.  The board had removed this issue from the commission's agenda and discussion was dropped.


Chair Orvis then noted that a maintenance/equipment budget for the road and bridge fund remained on the agenda.  Members recognized the desirability of having one and will discuss at a meeting closer to the March election.  Discussion then centered on the conditions of the town's roads.  Numerous members of the public have expressed concern to board and commission members about the quality of both material and grading style.  Future meetings may include additional discussions on this topic.


At 8:10 p.m., the meeting concluded.


Respectfully submitted:


Duane P. Swanson, Clerk/Member

Leslie Orvis, Chair/Member

Jeff Schlaeger, Member

Priscilla Schneider. Member

Gary Valvoda, Member