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2018 Annual Road Inspection Meeting

Annual Road Inspection
Royalton Township Board
Starting immediately after the
9:00 am, Board of Appeal & Equalization
Monday, April 23, 2018
There will be a quorum of Supervisors present
This is considered a public town meeting
All are welcome to attend  

Posted this 12th day of April 2018

Royalton Township Deputy Clerk Roberta Folkestad

Sewer Ordinance amendment

Section 3. Amending Section 8.01.03 (B) to the Royalton Township Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems Ordinance to include:


            iv. In the event of a bedroom addition, the system capacity complies to the state sewer

                 code requirements for the total number of bedrooms in connected buildings including

     proposed additions.


Section 4. This Ordinance will be in effect on April 25, 2018, or the day following publication, whichever occurs later.


Royalton Township Board

Fencing, Screening & Landscaping Ordinance

APPROVED DRAFT - 12 December 2017




The placement of fences, screening, and landscaping shall be subject to the following requirements, except for agricultural fences.  Specific requirements shall be subject to the recommendations of the zoning administrator and approval of the board of supervisors.


a.            No fence shall be permitted on public rights-of-way.


b.            No fence, screen, or structure which obstructs the view shall be located within twenty-five (25) feet of the corner formed by the intersection of street or railroad rights-of-way as measured from the intersecting property lines.


c.             That side of the fence considered to be the face, opposite the side with the fence posts, shall face the abutting public or private property.


d.            All fences shall be constructed of material such that the appearance is not deemed detrimental to the property values of the area by the zoning administrator and/or the board of supervisors.  A fence constructed, or having the appearance, of masonry, wood, or steel must be compatible with surrounding structures.  No snow fencing, construction security fencing, or silt fencing shall be allowed, except during construction and winter conditions.


e.            No fence shall exceed four (4) feet in height in the front yard or eight (8) feet in height in the side and rear yards as measured from the average point between the highest and lowest grades.


f.             Notwithstanding paragraphs "d" and "e" above, open chain link, wire, and similar fences may be constructed and may exceed eight (8) feet in height for animal control or protection of vegetation [e.g. gardens]; such enclosures do not require a fence permit.


g.            In the case of a non-residential use abutting a residential use, the township board may require screening above six (6) feet in height.


h.            Any nonconforming fence which is destroyed or in disrepair, requiring more than fifty (50) percent of its replacement cost to repair, shall be removed and only be rebuilt if in compliance with the standards set forth in this section.


i.              Any fence, wall or similar barrier which is not properly maintained so as to create an eyesore or nuisance shall be removed by owner upon action of the town board at the owner's expense.


j.             If a green belt planting strip is used in lieu of a fence, it shall consist of living vegetative cover of sufficient width and density to provide an effective screen year around.

Public Hearing April 24, 2018

Royalton Township Notice of public hearing:  6 pm, Tuesday, April 24,2018; Royalton Town Hall; 6052 Royalton Road; Braham MN 55006.

1. Amending the Royalton Township Subsurface Sewage Treatment ordinance.  2. Adoption of an ordinance regarding fencing, screening and landscaping.  A full text of documents of the proposed changes is available at the township’s website:  or in person by appointment at the town hall, call 320-396-2982.

Duane P. Swanson,

Royalton Township Clerk

Board of Appeal & Equalization 2018


Board of Appeal & Equalization Meeting

9:00 am, Monday, April 23, 2018

Royalton Town Hall

6052 Royalton Road

Braham MN 55006