Agendas and Minutes

September 24, 2019 Planning Commission Agenda

Royalton Township Planning Commission Agenda
6052 Royalton Road; Braham MN 55006
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24 September 2019, 7:00 p.m.



__Add to &/or approve the agenda:

__27 August 2019 planning commission minutes: motion & sign

__27 August 2019 public hearing minutes:  motion & sign

__10 September 2019 Working Commission minutes: motion & sign


__Solar energy ordinance update

__Review of policies generally

__Levy & equipment funds update


__Date of next working planning commission meeting


__Next regular planning commission meeting: 7:00 pm, Tuesday, 29 October 2019

MOTION TO ADJOURN                                                                   Time_________





September 24, 2019 Board Agenda

Royalton Township Board Agenda
6052 Royalton Road; Braham MN 55006
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24 September 2019 7:30 p.m. - Unapproved

Regular Board Meeting

__Chair calls meeting to order

__Pledge of allegiance

__Add to agenda &/or approve the agenda   Motion

__27 August 2019 Board meeting minutes   -   Motion & sign

__27 August 2019 Reconvened annual meeting minutes: Receive & file

__Treasurer’s report   -   Motion & initial

__Read & discuss checks 9321 through 9350 in the amount of $7,535.14. -  Motion & sign


__Members of the public may speak on items not listed on the agenda: State name and please

limit speaking to two minutes.


__Solar energy ordinance discussion

__Policy book

__Township levy and equipment budgets


__Update on stop payment of check #8708 (Wendy)

__Compliance drive-by, 9435 Apple Road (is it in compliance, 30 September deadline) (Wayne)

__Septic compliance letters

            11064 Harvest Road (point of sale inspection needed; letter sent, in progress, Amy waiting on paperwork)

            4435 Clint Road (point of sale inspection needed); letter sent); Amy has been in contact with owners

            7995 Bluebell Road (failing to protect ground water; letter sent)

            1238 Sherwood Street (failing to protect ground water; letter sent)

            12254 Farming Road (imminent health threat, letter sent)

__Zoning notes from road inspection

            4843 Brunswick Road - update from counsel (Wayne)

            1378 Sherwood Street (John Kemen to investigate)

            1255 Royal Heights Lane – update from counsel (Wayne)

            5536 Pokegama Lake Road (John Kemen to investigate)

            9451 Brunswick Road – any progress to report (Jeff)

            1390 Sherwood Street (tabled to September meeting)

__Road report update (Jeff, Dan)

            Frost Drive (letter to Shafer sent, Jeff has been in communication, response to come in fall)

            540th update – any action by Nessel (Jeff)

            Bayberry Road improvements update (John DeGray) – bobcat work completed

            Homer Road south side ditching update (John DeGray)

            Royal Heights Lane tree cutting update (Dan)

            Raspberry Road South – additional gravel (John DeGray)

            Road signs on Hummingbird and Buffalo (Dan, Duane)

__Mailbox damage, 11183 Country Drive, 22 August – any activity?

__Greeley sign update


__Review of MATIT insurance limits: (playground needs to be itemized, is $35,000 enough?; agent questions $2,500 for tools; re-number buildings?) (Duane/Percy)

__Contract with Ledin, Hofstad, & Troth  -  Motion & sign  Need to identify who can act.

__Certification of road mileage to county (27.000 miles) – Motion to approve

__October 8, 9:00 a.m., site visit of Ian Harrison, MPCA, to town hall to discuss sewer inspections – no action needed


Levy authorization form filed with Pine County Auditor

Pine City fire contract returned, all signed

Amended SSTS ordinance filed with Pine County Recorder

Roberta’s photo in Township Insider

Next Town Board Meeting: 7:30 pm, Tuesday, 29 October 2019 

Time meeting ends